09 Apr, 2024

GREEN Webinar: Teacher Education and Content Development; Practice and Lessons Learned

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A review of professional development practices and opportunities related to climate education and the integration of climate education across the curriculum in the K-12 educational setting. Riley Justis from Take Action Global discusses teacher preparation program initiatives and first line support programs for “non” environmental educators to develop a foundational understanding for the application of innovative practices in their classrooms. Consideration in the discussion is given to both national and international efforts to support educators in the development of climate reflective practices and the integration of climate action in the learning process. An analysis was conducted of Take Action Global’s 10 month long intensive professional development series to consider lessons learned, opportunities for growth, and application in the current learning environment both nationally and internationally.

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Meet the presenters:

Lauren Simmons, Ed.M., spearheads impactful climate resilience initiatives at Save the Children US, serving as a Climate and Education Advisor. Her career is a testament to her unwavering commitment to a critical inquiry: How can we ensure every child has the resources to thrive, both today and in the future? Lauren’s breadth of experience, from harnessing data-driven strategies for program development in informal learning environments to leading the charge in integrating artificial intelligence into inclusive education, underscores her relentless pursuit of enhancing educational quality and accessibility. Her visionary leadership and collaborative endeavors have been instrumental in weaving sustainability and resilience into the fabric of educational systems globally.

Lauren’s expertise spans policy analysis, research, and program management, making her a formidable advocate for embedding climate resilience within educational policies and practices to support educators and students in a changing climate. As an alumna of the Harvard Graduate School of Education and a mother of two, her professional path is deeply personal, driven by a mission to secure a brighter future for all children, including her own. This dual perspective enriches her work, imbuing it with a sense of urgency and purpose. Through her dedicated efforts, Lauren contributes significantly to preparing the next generation to navigate global challenges with resilience and proactive engagement, aiming to equip them for success in an ever-evolving world.

Driven by a passionate belief that all children deserve a quality education, Dr. Riley Justis is the Chief Operating Officer of Take Action Global and is committed to supporting teachers through best practices in leadership and recognition of learning and works to bring teachers together to take action for the planet and for people. Having served as Superintendent, Principal and Teacher across the United States, Riley has led teams of professionals focused on strengthening K12 instruction and fostering innovation in education and beyond. Riley, prior to joining the TAG team, has been an educational leader across the nation, both through more traditional K12 leadership roles and within the educational technology industry. His focus was and continues to be democratizing processes and systems of highly effective schools across the globe, to impact the teaching process and learning outcomes.

As an educational researcher, Riley maintains a robust portfolio of published work, focusing on educational leadership, policy and the impact of educational data in the teaching and learning environment. Currently, his research agenda is concentrating on the impact of leadership perception of data in the educational environment.

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