06 Feb, 2024

GREEN Webinar: Heat increase and education

Watch Here

View the recording from GREEN’s webinar on heat increase and education to learn how high temperatures are negatively impacting education for students all around the world and how some communities have created innovated solutions to combatting high heat exposure in schools.

Although there is a lot more research to be done on this subject, the emerging research has already suggested dire consequences on students’ learning abilities for those who experience high and long-term exposure to heat (particularly in the global south). As the effects of climate change continue to escalate, inadequate cooling systems in schools will continue to further negatively impact students all over the world.

Aron Walker from UCLA, Shripathi Hadigal from Restless Development, and Bhavna Maheria from Mahila Housing Trust bridged the gap between evidence and implementation.  

All resources presented in the webinar are available below: