Improving education.
Developing resilience to climate change.

We identify, build, and amplify responses to the impacts of climate change on education.

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About us

The Global Response to Education and Environment Network (GREEN) is a consortium of actors working at the intersection of education and climate change. Launched in May 2023, GREEN bridges ideas and expertise from a collaborative partnership to advance ideas, innovation and research that can inform policies and drive meaningful action in response to climate-related challenges and their impact on education.

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GREEN‘s most recent webinar hosted a panel consisting of experts on climate and education where they discussed relevant policy and practice for education and climate. These are monthly webinars, held every second Tuesday, meant to showcase the research and implementation strategies of our members. To join our invite list, sign up to be a member here.

Click below for more information and access to the resources presented in the webinar.

GREEN’s 4th Webinar which discusses Policy and Practice for Education and Climate