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03 Jan 2024

GREEN Members’ Thoughts on COP28

COP 28 – What Happened? The most amount of focus was on curriculum and education technology (particularly focusing on the teaching and learning process… from the government counterparts there was a lot of focus on system preparedness, early warning systems, and adaptation. I noticed a very strong focus on adaptation to climate crises. The COP […]

19 Dec 2023

NORAAG 7th Special Issue: Education in Times of Climate Change

Delve into the complex dynamics between education & climate change and the urgent need to integrate climate-related considerations into educational policies and practices. NORAAG’s special issue contains 28 articles divided into 8 parts with translations in Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian and Spanish.

18 Dec 2023

Education at COP28: exploring, learning, connecting, and planning 

Read this publication from GREEN member Yolande Miller-Grandaux about GREEN’s experience at COP28

04 Dec 2023

Learning is inhibited by heat exposure, both internationally and within the United States

According to new research coauthored by Patrick Behrer, Jisung Park and Joshua Goodman, extreme heat negatively impacts students’ abilities to learn and could deepen educational inequities throughout the world. The results of this study demonstrate the long-term impact climate change has on human capital and cognitive skills development. This leads into larger questions about how […]

22 Nov 2023

Impacts of Climate Change on Education in Emergencies

The report examines linkages between the climate and environmental crisis and EiE, building on existing reports which show how the climate crisis intersects with, compounds and multiplies disaster risk, biodiversity loss, dangers arising from conflict and violence, and learning losses associated with displacement. It also identifies and examines key roles that EiE is already assuming and key initiatives EiE could and should embrace – singly and in collaboration with other sectors and across the nexus – to advance transformative climate action and to help build resilient education systems able to withstand evermore severe climate-induced crises.

05 Oct 2023

Stepping up finance to get every learner climate-ready

(UNESCO) Ensuring that every learner is prepared to take on the adverse effects of the climate and environmental crisis remains a challenge. The increasing global temperatures and the growing frequency of devastating natural disasters pose a serious threat to present and future generations. Studies on the impacts of climate change estimate that annually, 175 million children will […]

28 Aug 2023

New Guidance for Children’s Rights Focus on Climate Change

The UN Child Rights Committee published guidance on children’s rights and the environment with a special focus on climate change. It provides legislative and administrative measures to be implemented to address adverse effects of environmental degradation and climate change on the enjoyment of children’s rights, and to ensure a clean, healthy, and sustainable world.

15 Aug 2023

The Climate Dictionary – Speak Climate Fluently

The Climate Dictionary is an initiative aimed at providing an everyday guide to understanding climate change. It seeks to bridge the gap between complex scientific jargon and the general public, making climate concepts accessible and relatable to individuals from various backgrounds and levels of expertise.

11 Aug 2023

Why Are Green Skills Important for Youth?

This year’s International Youth Day highlights the importance of developing green skills for youth to ensure the success of a just transition to a greener and more sustainable world where all people – including young people – benefit equally.