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05 Jun 2024

Climate change and sustainability in science and social science secondary school curricula

Read this amazingly informative publication which is co-authored by one of our own GREEN members, Aaron Benavot! It discusses the results of a worldwide study on 9th grade science and social science curricula in relation to climate change. Findings show there is a lack of social and emotional or action-oriented learning and that climate change […]

08 May 2024

The Impact of Climate Change on Education and What to Do about It

Read this publication authored by the World Bank Group to gain insights into the multifaceted impacts of climate change on education and youth. This comprehensive document delves into statistical analyses pertaining to students impacted by climatic occurrences, elucidating the profound shifts in educational outcomes. Following, it discusses what policymakers can do to adapt education systems […]

23 Apr 2024

Green education divide: a comparative case study analysis of countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations

Green education is crucial for fostering sustainable practices and environmental consciousness, particularly among younger generations. However, there are disparities in green education practices among the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) countries due to varying socioeconomic levels, national priorities, and capacities. Addressing these disparities requires a holistic approach encompassing infrastructure, technology, trained educators, governance, funding, […]

19 Apr 2024

UNESCO Education for Sustainable Development: A Roadmap

This roadmap sets out the urgent challenges facing the planet and explores the next step UNESCO is taking in responding to them through education with detail on new emphases and actions. The roadmap also underlines the key areas of implementation of the ESD for 2030 framework. Country initiatives on ESD for 2030 will lead the […]

21 Mar 2024

Human Capital and Climate Change

Addressing climate change requires individual behavior change and voter support for pro-climate policies, yet surprisingly little is known about how to achieve these outcomes. In this paper, the authors estimate causal effects of additional education on pro-climate outcomes using new compulsory schooling law data across 20 European countries. They analyze effects on pro-climate beliefs and […]

22 Feb 2024

Skills for a Green Transition: Solutions for Youth on the Move

This solutions book, authored by GREEN member Christina Kwauk and published by UNICEF, presents best practices and solutions to support youth on the move, particularly youth living in poverty and youth with low educational attainment, to access green skilling opportunities that create pathways for them to participate in the green economy. This solutions book seeks […]

31 Jan 2024

How do children cope with global climate change? Coping strategies, engagement, and well-being

Studies indicate that learning about global problems can trigger profound feelings of anxiety, helplessness, and hopelessness. However, few studies focusing on how children cope with climate change. The main aims of this study were, therefore, to explore how a group of Swedish 12-year-olds cope with global climate change and to examine how different coping strategies […]

17 Jan 2024

Youth Education and Adaptation Jobs

Read about what the Global Center on Adaptation is doing for our youth in the face of on-going challenges in access to education and jobs due to climate change. They have 6 main focuses: Scaling up innovation for climate action, mainstreaming adaptation jobs, building the youth adaptation movement, promoting youth participation in decision-making, delivering youth […]